Zef Zan

Virtual Event Production Sponsor and Co-Host

You’ve been warned! Her superpower is her energy. She carries her natural built in caffeine canister with her everywhere she shows up. A single dash of it can even help you shine your light a little brighter!

#Zefinitey Zef Zan helps to REIMAGINE the traditional event experience by virtualizing your in person events. She is the Chief Energy Officer at Entrepreneurs that S.O.A.R and the LIVE Broadcast & Virtual Events Producer at its sister company, Vendor Shows LIVE. When it comes to leveling up your virtual or hybrid events, trust that Zef IS the person who can successfully walk you through the event tech minefield. BONUS - not only will you survive it, but you will also thrive at it!

A master at LIVE Video conversations that get to YE$ connections, Zef is the bridge that connects you to talents and content that will bring spark to your events. #Zefinitely

LIVE Broadcast & Virtual Events Producer
Vendors Show LIVE